Spanish Instructors

MasSpanish instructors are a very select group of experienced Spanish tutors. All are native speakers with top-notch teaching skills, a passion for the language, and a commitment to results. Just as important, our instructors are engaging, well-educated individuals who know how to make your classes fun, dynamic and relevant.


Rose-Marie is originally from Spain. She holds both a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication, Branding and Web Design, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design & Advertising. She has over fifteen years of experience in Marketing/Creative Project Management, corporate training, and private tutoring. Her skill set of knowledge of the Spanish language and expertise in corporate training and tutoring have led her to a career as a Spanish instructor. She enjoys traveling, music, and foreign languages. 


Monica is originally from Mexico and holds both a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City. She has over ten years of experience in both finance and corporate training at companies like Gillette and Cargill. Her knowledge of the Spanish language plus her expertise in corporate training led her to a career as a Spanish instructor. She enjoys cooking, traveling, golfing and skiing.


Gabriela originally from Bolivia, is a Register Nurse with a background in GYN care at Brigham and Women Hospital and Cabridge Hospital, who graduated from Northeastern University has also international health experience in community primary health development, trained in San Francisco Xavier University of Bolivia, Gabriela it's been working for the last 4 Years in fo

Andrea N

Andrea is originally from Sinaloa, México. She lived in Victoria BC in Canada and when she moved back she started teaching English for kids.
She holds a bachelor's in Economy and a Master's in Administration. She was a professor at the University of Durango.
She had around 1200 students during the period of four years.
Also she has experience tutoring and medical interpreting.
She likes cooking, teaching and helping others.


Carmen is a native of Caracas, Venezuela.  She has a Degree in Business Administration. Carmen works as a Spanish Interpreter in the state of Massachusetts.  She loves cooking, baking, making jewelry and reading among other hobbies.


Johan is originally from Colombia. He started teaching Spanish to tourists visiting Colombia and has continued to tutor since he moved to Boston over 5 years ago. He holds a Bachelor degree in Agroindustrial Engineering. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Sustainability at the Extension School at Harvard University. He loves music, reading, writing, and traveling.


Edurne is originally from Spain. She has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and she holds a postgraduate diploma in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She has worked in five different countries in various fields: teaching, business development, quality control, human resources and banking sales. She likes traveling, reading, films and learning foreign languages.


Andrea is from Bogotá, Colombia. She studied Law at Universidad Militar Nueva Granada and she has a Master's degree from Suffolk University. She worked 6 years for the government. While working for the Congress, she was also an interpreter for foreign guests. She likes to read, bake and she volunteers at a homeless children shelter.